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Rev up your laughter engines and join the comical convoy at Dave Helker’s Trucker Tales! Get ready for a wild ride through hilarious adventures, trucking mishaps, and side-splitting tales from the legendary Highway Hero himself. Dave’s website is a pitstop for truckers and comedy enthusiasts alike, where you’ll find uproarious stories, witty anecdotes, and truckloads of laughter. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind journey filled with trucking humor and unforgettable antics. Buckle up, hit the road, and get ready to roll with laughter at Dave Helker’s Trucker Tales! Visit our website now and fuel your funny bone!

Who We Are

Dave "Highway Hero" Helker

Once upon a time, there was a legendary character named  Dave “On the Hill” Helker in the Wild West of Washington. Dave roamed from office to office with a mighty mustache, a hat that could put the sun to shame.  He was spreading laughter and trucking justice wherever he went.

Dave was different from your ordinary folks. Instead of a trusty horse, he rode in a mighty semi-truck named “Thunderbolt.” Instead of the usual bandits and outlaws, Dave’s primary foes were lawless politicians, traffic jams, and runaway tumbleweeds.

Every office eagerly awaited Dave’s arrival, for they knew that laughter and chaos would ensue when he rumbled into town. Dave had a knack for turning the mundane into hysterical adventures. Whether it was a daring chase after a rogue representative or a showdown with a senate gang, he transformed ordinary trucking issues into extraordinary escapades.

As time went on, Dave’s reputation grew. His unconventional methods, like using a whoopee cushion as a siren or engaging in epic arm-wrestling matches to resolve disputes, made him a beloved figure in the trucking community. He became a symbol of hope for truckers and trucking companies, and his mere presence brought smiles to weary faces.

But Dave’s ultimate quest was to make it where the old highways were safe and truckers could drive without fear. Determined, he embarked on a mission to bring order and laughter to every road he crossed.

Through a series of comical mishaps and side-splitting encounters, Dave tackled reckless legislation with his unique brand of justice. He dished out laughter instead of tickets, and with a quick wit and charm, he convinced even the unruliest lawmakers to follow the rules of the road.

With each office he visited, Dave’s influence spread like wildfire. His legend grew, and soon lawmakers far and wide were telling tales of the Highway’s Hero who brought laughter and order to the roads. 

One day, after years of tireless dedication, Dave stood atop The Hill overlooking the vast expanse of Old Alexandria. He gazed upon the smooth, traffic-filled roads, and a tear of joy rolled down his cheek. The trucking industry was safe, the highways were calm, and the West was finally won.

Dave’s mission was complete, but his legacy lived on. His name became synonymous with laughter and safety on the highways, forever etched in the annals of trucking folklore.

And so, in his trusty Thunderbolt, Dave rode off into the sunset, his laughter echoing through the canyons, reminding everyone that even in the most serious of pursuits, a little humor goes a long way. The legend of Dave “On the Hill” Helker would be remembered for generations, bringing laughter and delight to all who heard the tales of the trucking lobbyist of the Old West.

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